STIR\stur\vb. Stirred; stir-ring vt.

  1. To mix together the ingredients for cooking or use.
  2. To introduce an ingredient into a liquid or mixture.
  3. To pass an implement through a liquid or mixture with a circular movement.
Research and Development

What's going to be the next new thing? Ask us. We know. That’s because we pride ourselves in our ongoing research and development. We're always on the job, seeking out new flavors, fresh ideas and unique solutions.

Our creative ideation presentations are the result of a collaborative approach to your product's development. Whether we're creating a proprietary recipe, refreshing an existing recipe or reproducing one of yours, we work beside you, from initial consultation through batch testing, to ensure that your product is exactly as you want it. We're fast and efficient, offering our clients expedient sample turnaround times so that we can meet your product development timeframe.

Whether we're in discovery-, refresh- or research mode, our quest is always the same: To develop the most consistently delicious, flavorful and imaginative products.


Whether we're creating a proprietary recipe, or refreshing an existing one, our IDEATION process is the same. We:

  • Understand your operation.
  • Analyze your menu.
  • Compare your menu to your market segment.
  • Research and assess industry trends.
  • Collaborate WITH you.
  • Create and present our menu ideas on paper, also known as "Paper Ideation."
  • Finally, a two- to three-person culinary team creates and presents five to ten menu ideas in the kitchen, also known as "Chef Ideation."

The result? STIR creates operationally feasible taste solutions that will invigorate your menu.


How STIR produces its products is one of the most important aspects of its business. Our customers demand quality, consistency and safety.

  • Our state-of-the-art facilities are a model of efficiency, specifically designed to accommodate our customers’ needs.
  • We use only quality ingredients in our products. Every package, pallet or box is carefully inspected, logged and labeled as it enters our warehouse.
  • All raw materials are inspected for color, smell, appearance and temperature before being processed.
  • Our manufacturing capabilities are exceptionally flexible, offering production runs from small tests to large roll-outs.
  • Hot products are cooked to proper temperature, then tested for appearance, flavor, consistency and quality standards, then recorded in our quality control reports.
  • Hot products are then rapidly chilled for extended shelf life and enhanced product integrity.
  • Cold products are mixed, then tested for appearance, flavor, consistency and quality standards, all of which are recorded in quality control reports.
  • From the processing area, all products pass through metal detection, then are case packaged and sent to the cooler/freezer before shipment.

Chefs Drive the Production Process

At STIR, our passion for food ensures that chefs enjoy a special place in our operation. That’s because all of our executives are culinary enthusiasts. STIR’s test kitchen is center stage—viewable through our conference room windows.

Chefs are the horsepower behind our strategy. They are “culinary artists” who, together with our operations experts, create menu solutions that can be scaled up for mass production. With their guidance we can help ensure great recipes, product consistency and eliminate food safety concerns.

Best of all, STIR likes company in the kitchen. Our success is the result of working with you.

Quality Control

STIR goes to great lengths to guarantee the quality, consistent flavor profile and safety of every product that it produces. Using a “Total Quality Management” system, STIR ensures that its departments and processes comply to company and regulatory agency safety requirements.

The STIR facility is not only SQF Level 3 HACCP-certified and Bio-Terrorism Act compliant, it is also FDA and USDA inspected and has an ongoing GMP/Sanitation and Pest Control program. STIR plant security provides 24/7 protection to prevent access by unauthorized personnel. And, STIR’s crisis management team and product recall program are ready to act in the rare event of an emergency.


Packaging and Handling

We move beyond "what you need" to "how you need it" thanks to the amazing flexibility of our operations. We offer some of the most adaptable packaging in the trade, which ensures that our products can be perfectly partnered with your operations. Just tell us what you need and how you need it. From portion control to bulk packaging, food service to retail, fresh to frozen or private label to co-brand, we're ready—and able—to fulfill.

Shipping and Receiving

Our flexible and efficient shipping practices maximize your packaging choices for the lowest possible shipping expense. From FTL to LTL, refrigerated, frozen or shelf-stable, we can ensure a cost-effective shipping solution to any destination worldwide. STIR can work within or outside your distribution system, providing flexible scheduling, pack and pallet size options that fit your operation.